1.8T/2.0 Billet Tensioner Pulley

  • Model: PULLEYTEN
  • Manufactured by: Gruven


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Plastic may have made the bean counters at VW happy, but it has no business as a tensioner pulley on your high strung VW motor. Ours is extremely light weight and contains a precision 20K RPM SKF bearing that will perform more quietly and far outlast the OEM plastic pulley. Installation is a breeze – simply release belt tension, remove the tensioner pulley bolt, and swap ours in. Note - the Torx bolt loosens counterclockwise (normal bolt). Please follow all Volkswagen installation instructions for installation.

This part fits all MK4 Golf, Jetta, GLI, New Beetle, and 337 1.8T and 2.0 engines, as well as all Audi TT MK1 1.8T 180hp and 225 hp.

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