Main Bearing Girdle (06A/F block)

New World Record: 900hp engine takes team to victory...

Headlines like this grab attention and make newcomers wonder "How did they DO that???" It's not magic that gets the job done. Rather, it takes comprehension and correction of an engine design's natural faults as well as enhancement of it's core strengths.

Elite builders know that VW and Audi blocks are stout in race prepared form, but are known to twist under heavy loads. This is due to a notorious lack of lateral support at the crankshaft center line. Our main bearing girdle prevents distortion and misalignment of the main bearings under extreme performance applications. Without block stiffening, the crank "walks" off center, side thrusts load up and warp the bearings... and all hell breaks loose in the bottom end.

While just a nice luxury for a medium duty modified engine, it's a must for all extreme turbo applications. (If your engine is stock or enhanced with mere bolt-ons, the money is best left in your pocket.)

Additionally, the main bearing girdle also acts as an oil scraper due to its unique design. Excess oil is removed from the crank as it spins -especially at high rpms. This reduces effective rotating mass (allowing for faster acceleration), reduces crank drag/resistance (freeing up horsepower), reduces oil aeration and foaming (prolonging bearing life), and improves fuel and other efficiencies.

Installation requires machining of individual bearing cap spacers. Better yet, once the block is stiffened with this kit, the next upgrade is to add our Billet Main Caps. The key to longevity and race GLORY is to keep the crankshaft in it's proper place!



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  • Model: IEBEVA9
  • Manufactured by: Integrated Engineering

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