Intake Manifold Bushings (12V/24V VR6)

Replacements for the problematic OEM VW intake manifold shift rod bushings. these don't wear out and rattle loudly during acceleration and deceleration. Worn OEM bushings will quickly eat your plastic intake manifold, and cause expensive repairs.

They are sold in sets of 2 to replace the 2 bushing rods. If you have the very early 99.5 model year with the even more pathetic 5 bushing rod, you need to buy a 2 bushing rod to use these bits.

These parts are thicker and made from more durable material. Most importantly, they are geometrically designed to maximize surface area contacting the intake manifold with tightest tolerances.
VR6 intake manifold bushings, USRT
Please note, if your VR6 has been rattling excessively, you may need to replace the plastic intake manifold. These bushings should still be used in the healthy manifold to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Click here for DIY instructions.

These parts make a great upgrade when installing these items:
VR6 Intake Manifold Ball
Billet Intake Manifold Linkage

2.8L 12 V VR6 ENGINE - with AFP Engine Code (99-02 Golf/Jetta VR6) to replace bushings on OEM VW rod p/n 021-133-653

2.8L 24 V VR6 ENGINE - BDF Engine Code (02 - present Golf/Jetta VR6) to replace bushings on OEM VW rod p/n 022-133-653

3.2L 24V VR6 Engines - ALL R32, 3.2 Touareg, 3.2 Eos, 3.2 A3, 3.2 TT to replace bushings on rod p/n 022-133-653B


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