DSG "ICECAP" Cooling System

  • Model: DSGCOOLER
  • Manufactured by: US Rally Team

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The ICECAP DSG transmission cooler adapter plate system makes adding an auxiliary heat exchanger as easy as Eskimo pie. That overheat limp mode will never stop you again! (When temperature reaches 138°C/280°F, the Mechatronics initiates a reduction in engine torque. At temperatures above 145°C/293°F, the multi-disc clutches are no longer provided with fluid pressure and the clutches open.)

Your 02E gearbox will remain calm, cool, and collected during  track adventures, autobahn escapades, or any other torture test.

OEM DSG transmission cooler

The OEM design circulates transmission oil through a heatsink full of HOT engine "coolant".

OEM DSG transmission cooler fluid transfer points

ICECAP attaches to the original mount holes with no modifications done to the transmission, flows about 1/2 a liter extra oil, and efficiently radiates heat back into the atmosphere. This system doesn't only trap it like the OEM heat sink. It quickly eliminates it.

USRT Volkswagen VW DSG cooler ICECAP

USRT DSG ICECAP heat exchanger cooler

USRT DSG ICECAP oil thermostat

USRT ICECAP fittings

Kit includes:
(1) USRT adapter plate
(2) -10AN fittings (plate)
(4) -10AN x 1/2 NPT fittings (thermostat)
(2) -10AN x 1/2 NPT 90deg fittings (heat exchanger)
(1) Remote oil thermostat (180degF/82degC)
(1) 24-row high-pressure heat exchanger (11.25" x 7.25" x 1.5")

Kit does NOT include:
Remainder of fittings (typically all 90deg)
High-pressure line

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