VW Motorsport 020 16V Gearbox

  • Model: TRANS020VWMS
  • Manufactured by: VW Racing


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VW Motorsport 16V Synchro Gearbox

Yes, this is the real deal, folks. Have you ever wondered where elite VW/Audi competition parts come from? USRT has access and we're pleased to bring it to the community. This 020 example is prepared optimally for use in a Mk1 - Mk2 and low-mass Mk3 vehicles. Modern homologation calls for later/heavier cable-shift transmissions. The VWMS 020 is much lighter, built-rally tough, and fits directly.

Our recommendation is to match with a fully-prepped normally aspirated 16v engine (cammed for maximum output at medium-high rpm). First gear features a 27% taller than standard ratio. With a low 4.20 ring & pinion set, the result is tremendous: Engine speed remains consistently within the heart of the torque band. First gear is held for longer -making it easier to "outdrag" rivals upon launch. Ability to modulate power/traction is enhanced hugely. Setup rewards aggressive launches at medium rpms with high-traction tires and stiffer  engine/transmission mounts.

KAAZ differential : rebuilt w/new clutch plates (broken in properly over 200 miles)
VWMS 16V 4.20 ring and pinion w/LARGE TEETH (max-strength)
VWMS main shaft (24mm large Mk2/Mk3 input shaft spline)

Gear stack:
VWMS 1-3 gears / 4K "Rabbit GTI" 4-5th gears

Ratios (w/driver's notes): 1st 2.72 (-long, awesome for gravel starts, dropping into first for lower speed corners is easy, 1st gear to 40MPH!)
2nd: 2.06
3rd: 1.68
4th: 1.13 (-not an unreasonable drop, but the proper VWMS 1.43 would be best)
5th: 0.91
R&P: 4.20

VWMS fifth (1.26 ratio) and machined fifth gear housing included in sale. (This fifth ratio is shorter than the installed fourth gear!) Pair with VWMS fourth to produce the best racing 020 that one can own for the money. We will instruct a buyer how to procure a VWMS fourth gear kit upon purchase.

This transmission is offered for sale complete with a rebuild for $2750. The gear alone cost $4500 when it was cast in quality obtanium. It is now officially made of unobtainium . Reasonable counter offers from racing teams and other legitimate interests will be entertained.

VWMS Ring & Pinion: $600 ($900 new)
VWMS Gearset: $1500 ($4500 new)
Kaaz Differential : $700 ($1050 new)

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