PeaceKeeper HDS

Eliminate heat soak problems with the PeaceKeeper Heat Defense System. Tune more aggressively on the street. Run your rally to the ragged edge. Dance with fate! Escape calm, cool, and collected every single time. UPDATED kits now feature 22 spray nozzles for superior distribution and coverage.

Fine mist is wisely targeted at the hottest part of the intercooler. -typically, the area closest to the turbo. However, core surface area exposed to greatest airflow is where the fastest and most significant heat exchange may be done.

USRT PeaceKeeper HDS inter cooler spray (side view)
Most are already familiar with and impressed by water/methanol injection. A demanding and fancy cousin, it cools immediately from inside the engine. Whereas, PeaceKeeper is very easy on the wallet, simple to set up, and works over time from the outside. This makes it valuable for hard street use and on long rally special stages. -in the drag strip burn out box, too. "Pooooff..." Soaked heat will drift away with steam.

Don't have the budget for a big intercooler or water/meth injection system? This package will take the edge off easily and practically. If you DO have these toys, PeaceKeeper is a final evolutionary step.

Don't merely intervene. KEEP the peace.

Spray flowing from system neatly integrated into Mk5 TSI front bumper cover.

While under boost, an intercooler functions mostly as a heatsink. Intake air raises core temperature faster than the core can radiate it back into the atmosphere. Heat steadily "soaks" the core and reduces intercooling in the process. After a point, the intercooler can't cope and IATs soar. Performance drops while danger rises!

USRT PeaceKeeper HDS misting spray nozzles

PeaceKeeper HDS emits an aerosol of distilled water (hot summer), or windshield washer fluid (all season). This fine mist flash evaporates and pulls heat out of the IC core.
USRT intercooler spray pump pump (reverse side)
Kits supply about 1200cc/minute of spray at about 100psi pressure (but, the pump can do at least 20% more). Nozzles should be strategically arranged for optimal (typcially asymmetric) distribution upon the cooler's frontal area. Plumbing may be attached to the inside of a bumper cover, through grill slats, or attached to the bumper rebar with great ease and functional convenience. The farther the spray points are from the cooler surface, the more efficient the cooling.

USRT PeaceKeeper spray tees, adapters, nozzles
Each spray tee holds multiple high-atomization misting nozzles for a total of 22 spray positions. A 6-pack of flexible hard line extensions is supplied for spraying around bends, into remote corners hidden by bodywork, etc.

PeaceKeeper misting extension for interheat soak elimination

USRT IC spray temperature chart
Results from 350hp 1.8T with front mount intercooler and just two spray heads. Test involved multiple heat cycles at 30 - 65mph average road speeds.

Each PeaceKeeper HDS comes complete with a diaphragm-type pump (9A/100W), 7 nickel-plated spray adapters, 22 misting nozzles, 6 hard line extensions, mounting clips, over 20' (6.1m) of flexible 1/4" hose, 15psi checkvalve, and dual filters. Switching it is up to you. We suggest a Boost Trigga, if you anticipate periodic heavy boost with brief cooling intervals. For the ultimate in automated precision, combine with the incredible Cortex EBC (which is preconfigured to support IC misting)! 

PeaceKeeper HDS with black light LEDs
With Cortex EBC controlling the PeaceKeeper, USRT uses the following control scheme:
Trigger IC spray when...
A) at sustained moderate to high boost (prime conditions for IC core heat soak),
B ) not in 1st gear (launching or creeping in traffic),
C) not in 6th gear (light load/high air flow),
D) at velocity > 5 - 10mph (air flow is sufficient to evaporate fluid and thus exchange heat).
USRT FMIC spray system (pump mounted)
Most commonly, a washer bottle is fit with our Tank Tap (offered separately). The soft rubber-cushioned pump mounts easily to body paneling and is inaudible inside the car.
Intercooler spray system plumbing
Bumper covers remain serviceable without any fuss. Grills are easily removed after disconnecting short piping sections between spray tees.
VW 2.0T intercooler misting spray system install
Most attachment points are covered by grills. Light color tabs are used here for photographic clarity. Once implemented, PeaceKeeper HDS is nearly invisible.

(Kits are scheduled to return in early summer 2024.)

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