A building block, rock solid foundation... Nothing beats TRUTH. Combine with an advanced water/meth controller (e.g. Cortex EBC and take it to "Stage 11". Or, use a simple "two-knob" WMI Controller. It's up to you. Regardless, this is your "everything" package with all the right bits included, consulting support included, and fluff deleted.

Includes: standard pump, GAUGE Filtered Outlet, Tank Level Switch, 12V relay, nozzle holder, nozzle, E6000 thread sealant, cutting tool, and 20' of black 1/4" tubing to finish a basic but lovely installation. Don't forget the famous level of direct support, too. What's not involved are tank or any type of controller. Add whatever you please.

USRT TRUTH water meth kit gauge filtered outlet

Nozzle/s MUST be sized properly to complement total fuel flow, boost level, and intercooling setup. Please contact USRT for help with this critical aspect of kit configuration. Review our dual nozzle upgrade packages and direct port kits to for your octane-boosting solution.

A 50/50 mixture of water/methanol is generally advised to provide the best compromise of detonation control and increased torque. In usual operation, the alcohol flashes away almost instantly. This leaves behind a pure water aerosol that evaporates more slowly (but pulls more heat while doing so). These remaining water droplets will now be half the original size but yet have  4.84 times the original surface area ratio. With this much more surface area exposed to the hot air, the water evaporates  at a 4.84  faster pace! This makes it relatively dry by the time it reaches the throttle which it will NOT attack.

Review this video (regarding spark plug technology) for perfect visualization about combustion and the risks of detonation:


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