Cortex EBC

Cortex! Mighty CORTEX! With virtually unmatched capabilities, it is arguably the highest performance electronic boost and water/ methanol injection ever produced. 

Control up to 50psi boost based on gear, engine rpm, and auxiliary input (e.g. intake air temperature, throttle position, or FAILSAFE Pressure Sensor). Establish the optimal response curve for any driving condition or motorsport: snow, rally cross, drag, etc. Window trigger nitrous oxide to safely spool your turbo and to also fill in the power band once it runs out of steam. Or, combine with a PeaceKeeper intercooler misting kit to eliminate heat soak. Get the most out of your forced induction system and maximize  driveability!

Cortex EBC: boost by gear

Retain use of your factory wastegate solenoid, if preferred. Or, for use with 3 or 4-port external gates, upgrade accordingly. (The more ports on the wastegate actuator, the lower the spring stiffness you can run. Boost adjustments can be made faster and more precisely, too.)


Gear-based boost control
Engine Speed (RPM) based boost control
Throttle Position-based boost control
Boost ramp rate control
Advanced overboost protection
Memory storage for 6x boost control maps
Use with 3-port or 4-port boost control solenoid (for greater authority range over external waste gates)
2x programmable PWM outputs (200mA max current each)
Software configuration
Full data logging capability
Required cabling, plumbing, etc.


Vehicle Requirements:

Frequency-based RPM signal:
-12 V to +1 V Min amplitude
+3 V to +12 V Max amplitude

Frequency-based Vehicle Speed signal:
-12 V to +1 V Min amplitude
+3 V to +12 V Max amplitude

Throttle Position signal (if used):
0V Min Closed
+5V to +12V Max Open

PC Requirements:
Windows Operating System
1x USB port

Cortex Config PSI Installer
Cortex Config Bar Installer
Cortex Config Installer
Cortex EBC Quick Start Guide
Cortex EBC Installation Diagrams

Cortex EBC complete kit

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Starting at: $349.00

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  • Model: EBCORTEX
  • Manufactured by: SIRHC LABS

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