USRT "V-WALK" Turbo Manifold

"2.slow no mo!" Installed in a Mk4 Golf or Jetta 2.0l 8v, this exhaust manfold allows fitment of nearly the entire Mk4 1.8T 20v forced induction system. Rather than deal with expensive and hard to get aftermarket turbos, put an unused and nearly free K03 or K04 to work. While at it, pick up a stock or aftermarket downpipe, SMIC, and air piping, too. Nearly every last part will bolt up with expected OEM reliability and convenience. (A noteworthy exception is the pipe connecting the intercooler to 8v throttle body.) **This includes our very own Genesis 415cc fuel injectors.**

USRT 8V K03 turbo exhaust manifold DYNO

Power output will vary with engine setup and ECU tune. However, a typical K03 is about 160 - 200bhp with a broader torque curve than its 1.8T counterpart. This is due in part to the longer stroke, bigger bore, longer intake runners, and camshaft profile. Add the proper tires, LSD, and/or gear based boost control and you WILL hustle out of those back road corners and away from the stop light, too.

USRT V-Walk 8v turbo exhaust manifold


Installation is easier on an 8v than the original 20v engine. The manifold's exhaust gas flow capacity and distribution are superior to OEM. Material spec is 60-42-10 ductile iron for long term reliability and helpful heat retention. So, combine 10% greater displacement, high compression ratio, plus a K03/4 turbo and the spool will be "impossibly" fast. Get a big motor midrange and a generous top end to keep the party going.

WALK A VR6 (for cheap) with an overachieving 8 valve!

USRT 2.0l 8v turbo exhaust manifold prototype

Need even more? A K04-001 or maybe a new hybrid turbo could suit your fancy. Potential is there for 300bhp+. Be aware that, if you do decide to go that far, lower compression, forged internals and reduced intake temperatures will become necessary vs. optional. How about a dual nozzle water/methanol injection kit? Don't forget that an upgraded camshaft is also very important for reaching these numbers.

Kyle Town's V-Walk turbo manifold + VW 8v cylinder head

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