Genesis HD Fuel Pump Harness

Genesis Heavy Duty Wiring Harness: Fitment is nearly universal (but drop-in) with fully relayed/ fuse-protected circuits. Enjoy direct battery voltage for maximum pump output and pump longevity. Both under chassis and under hood version harnesses install in less than 45 minutes. No special wiring skills required.

The voltage that a fuel pump sees drastically affects the flow it produces and the pressure it is capable of. Sub par connectors, grounding, circuit protection, and other poor electrical practices will all "steal" voltage that the fuel pump would otherwise receive. The differences between a pump getting 12.5v, 13v, 13.5v, and 14v are truly astounding. These seemingly minimal voltage drops can affect your fuel flow by more than 20%! As such, you need to use the best wiring solution possible to enable your pump to flow at its full potential.

Built with a focus on reliability and performance, top quality materials are sourced from Germany or the United States. All components meet or exceed SAE J1128, Chrysler MS-8288 and Ford ESB-M1L123A specifications. Wiring is abrasion and chemical resistant and rated from -60°F to 257°F operation. (Wire sourced from parts stores are only moderately chemical and abrasion resistant and rated for -40°F to 176°F.) Harness sections that may rub other components are sleeved in heavy duty braided loom that is hot-knife cut to ensure that fray does not occur. All connectors that are exposed to the elements are heat wrapped and glue sealed to discourage corrosion. Each assembly is tested and inspected before getting the Genesis Seal of Approval.

Genesis HD Pump Harness

Genesis harnesses are built RALLY TOUGH and respected worldwide. Now you know why!

Mounting Locations:
Mk4 VW 1.8T builders typically mount inline fuel pumps and surge tanks in the engine bay. This is due to insufficient space in and around the fuel tank area. In such cases, the Under Hood harness version is ideal. Many other platforms have the choice of installing pumps under the chassis or in the engine bay. Thus, either the Under Chassis or Under Hood HD Harness may be used. Rallyists are always encouraged to mount pumps inside rear hatch/trunk area per regulations. The Under Chassis version is therefore perfect.

Common Fueling Solutions:
Combine a Genesis HD Harness with any array of USRT hardware to satisfy your fueling requirement. Here are a few common fueling configurations:

1) Inline Pump - Walbro 255
Generally mounted next to the timing belt cover or on the passenger side fender on cars where there is insufficient space underneath (e.g.Mk4 Golf/Jetta): Placement under the chassis keeps the engine bay uncluttered. Builders preference dictates configuration.

  • Genesis HD Harness - Under Hood or Under Chassis
  • Walbro 255 Inline Pump Kit - (Includes 5/16" Barbed Fittings, Foam Sleeve, and mounting tabs)

2) Surge Tank - Genesis Single Bosch 044
Popular placement spots include the passenger side frame rail and in place of the stock windshield wiper bottle or battery. Any convenient space is potentially workable.

  • Genesis HD Harness - Under Hood or Under Chassis
  • Surge Tank (Single) w/ Pump
  • Mounting Plate (depending on location to mount pump)
  • Fuel Hoses and fuel fittings as appropriate

3) Surge Tank - 034 Motorsports FP34 Single 044 Surge Tank
Able to fit somewhat smaller spaces, this tank is often set on the passenger side frame rail, in place of the stock windshield wiper bottle, or under the rear bumper (on the Mk4 Golf/Jetta platform). On B5 Audi S4, fitment has been proven in the rain tray area. Options abound.


4) Surge Tank - Dual Bosch 044
Typically mounted in the trunk or in place of the factory battery, this combination produces massive flow and pressure. Electrical draw is huge, but simply running dual harnesses makes it easy.

  • 2 x Genesis HD Harness - Under Hood or Under Chassis
  • Surge Tank (Dual) w/Pump
  • Fuel Hoses and fuel fittings as appropriate

Installation Instructions:
Under Hood Version
Under Chassis Version

HD Wire Harness w/ 20A Fuse
Spare 20A Fuse
Sealed, Heat Shrink Terminals for Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
Sealed, Heat Shrink Terminals for Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
Dielectric Grease (Use on all ring terminal connections)

Under Hood Version: 15oz
Under Chassis Version: 1lb 7oz


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  • Model: PMPHARx
  • Manufactured by: Genesis

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