FP34 Fully Enclosed Fuel Surge Tank




The FP34 Fuel Surge tank is one of the most convenient fuel pump installation solutions available. It fully encloses a Bosch 044 inside a 1 liter reservoir. This allows it to be mounted in any position while ensuring consistent high-flow and pressure.

Most stock VW/Audi fuel pumps can maintain enough flow and pressure to support 200-300hp maximum. Thus, upgrades are demanded for aggressively tuned cars. Stock intank pump replacement often makes fuel starvation around turns a significant and serious risk (e.g. all Mk4 Golf/Jetta variants including Audi TT). Adding an 044 inline (without a surge tank) does increase fuel delivery capacity. However, the peak flow is significantly restricted by narrow diameter stock fuel lines. Combine an 044 with FP34 Fuel Surge Tank and the result is a 600hp-capable fuel system.

Kit features:
• CNC machined billet aluminum end caps with Viton o-rings for perfect sealing
• Tefzel fuel proof wiring inside can (OEM-sourced)
• Extruded aluminum body, 4" diameter by 8.5" long body
hard black anodized on all fuel surfaces + end caps for long term e85 usage
black powder coated outer barrel
• Mounting tabs that allow flexible installation options
• M12 threaded ports on inlet and outlet for barb fitting or -AN connections with the correct adapters, can maintain the stock check valve if desired
• Flexible mounting from horizontal to vertical with NO fuel starvation issues
• End cap integrated pickup design ensures that the FULL liter of fuel will be available to the pump
• Compact size: 8.5"L x 4"D

FP34 Fuel Surge Tank Benefits:
• Solid billet aluminum construction, no welds, all o-ring seals
• QUIET operation
• Full 1 liter volume of fuel available to pump
• Can be mounted in the engine compartment near the fuel rail, or anywhere there is space
• Inlet and outlet solutions available to accommodate virtually any installation
• Can be mounted fully horizontally or vertically or anywhere in between
• Thrives with e85 (and even methanol for race only usage)

Options Available:
• Banjo fitting kit that allows nipple connections for fuel hose to factory style 5/16" or 8mm hose
• Fitting kit to allow -6AN connections to all inputs and outputs
• Add new Bosch 044 Fuel pump
• Add mounting feet for flexible mounting

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Starting at: $275.00

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  • Model: FP34
  • Manufactured by: 034 Motorsport

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