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Vehicles like this "happen" when a manufacturer has PASSION and also the ability to produce a small volume run with efficiency. This is done by raiding the corporate parts bin. -by piecing existing elements together in a unique package. The Corrado is a blend of various VW platforms. -a bit of an A2, a sprinkle of a B3, set in the oven baked. We got a tasty new Karmann creation.

Key examples: The Golf/Jetta swaybars are the same as G60, but *not* the same as those fit to Corrado SLC. G60's use regular A2 a-arms and knuckles. VR6's use their own bits shared with the B3 Passat VR6.

The G60's and VR6's both use the same struts as the rest, but spring rates differ for stock vs sport level trims. Race level springs are shared for all cars. As will be aftermarket coilover kits. Damping rates should always be dialed in for engine mass.

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