Direct Port Injection (RACE)

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Direct port distributes spray evenly. However, putting mist at the backs of those intake valves ON TIME and with PRECISION can only be done with ultra-high precision fast solenoids. Our RACE valves look a lot like fuel injectors because they're engineered to function much like them. -at five times the pressure.


Advanced builds demand Rapid Acting Control Elements, the new standard for water/meth injection and auxiliary fueling. Tune them exactly like EFI. -no more pressure juggling "black magic". Enjoy digital precision.


For fine tuning, a modern WMI controller is critical. Go with elite equipment like the Cortex EBC or simpler FrostByte. (All Snow controllers are compatible. AEM cannot be used.) Of course, full-spec ECUs with closed loop feedback will do the best management job. -endless possibilities for fueling and defeating the knock monster!

Nozzle information:
Please contact us for help to coordinate nozzle sizes, placement positions, triggering points, etc. The stakes are high when pushing hard. Trial and error guesswork is unwise when our our tech experts can help you get it right from the very beginning.

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