Direct Port Injection

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Direct port injection delivers perfectly balanced octane benefits to each cylinder. If your high-output engine is equipped with a big turbo, or if you're on the ragged edge with a wee charger, you'll have the means for serious gains. Turn up the boost and advance ignition timing with supreme confidence. Run a 100 octane file on even weak 91 octane gasoline. -easily.

USRT direct port on Audi TT 1.8T 20v

Direct port guarantees that each cylinder receives exactly the same spray volume. Detonation is suppressed positively and easily. The safe tuning range is broadened and sharpened at the same time.

For fine tuning, a modern controller is highly advantageous. Great examples are Cortex EBC or the simpler FrostByte. The common "two knob" box plus boost switch can still be used. They still have their place in some of today's projects but are no longer competitive.

Nozzle information:
Please contact us for help to coordinate nozzle sizes, placement positions, triggering points, etc. The stakes are high when pushing hard. Trial and error guesswork is unwise when our our tech experts can help you get it right from the very beginning.

BMW M3 GTS direct port water methanol injection USRT

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