Direct Port Injection

Direct port injection delivers perfectly balanced octane benefits to each cylinder. If your high-output engine is equipped with a big turbo, or if you're on the ragged edge with an overboosted K03/4, you'll realize serious gains. Turn up the boost and advance ignition timing with supreme confidence. Run a 100 octane file on even weak 91 octane gasoline.

USRT direct port on Audi TT 1.8T 20v

USRT has promoted dual nozzle mounting since innovating the setup over ten years ago. As we've made common knowledge, this is the simplest way to achieve both intake cooling and significant octane boost. However, distribution is never perfect from the post-throttle nozzle.

Even the tiniest spray droplets have mass. Inertia carries more of these particles to the cylinders farther away from the throttle. Delivery is unbalanced. When the post-throttle nozzle is small (e.g. 60cc), the variance per cylinder is not large. However, with larger nozzles, it becomes a far more critical issue. Aggressive tuners are often frustrated by insufficient protection "here" and a combustion-quenching oversaturation "there". The only safe response is to dial back the boost/spark timing to satisfy the most vulnerable chamber.

Meanwhile, direct port guarantees that each cylinder receives exactly the same spray volume.

Because the mist is emitted so close to the engine, no spray is used more efficiently and works much faster to suppress detonation. However, tuning is definitely made more sensitive for the same reason. To ensure that the precise amount of fluid is delivered, we highly recommend our respected Tuner's Pressure Gauge. Also, so that air cooling can begin well before octane is eventually needed, we also recommend a "Boost Trigga" (adjustable pressure switch). This simplifies tuning, conserves fluid, and produces lots more torque once the turbo spools.

Even Bosch/BMW are implementing this technology. It is supplied now on stock automobiles.

Nozzle information:

USRT manufactures these nozzles in-house because nothing else on the market works as well (if at all). From existing market options, flow rates are simply too high and atomization isn't fine enough to flash evaporate. Our technology makes direct port injection effective in high-strung small displacement engines.

Please contact us for help to coordinate nozzle sizes, especially if a post-intecooler nozzle will be used with the direct port system. The stakes are high when pushing this hard. Trial and error guesswork with flow rates is unwise when our our tech experts can help you get it right from the very beginning.

USRT Direct Port System

USRT Direct Port System

Perfect your octane delivery and get the fueling you need. Mist distribution will be 100% even with each cylinder receiving the expected amount of...
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