Throttle Body Spacer Plates

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Nozzle location is one of the most important variables that directly affect how an injection system functions. Put our CNC-machined aluminum spacer plates to work in your vehicle for a safe and convenient nozzle mounting solution. Follow tech advice below to dial in your benefits package!

Above: 1.8T 20v Throttle Body Flange for a 5-6 point octane boost only.
Below: Post-intercooler spray point added in Dual Nozzle Upgrade Package for intense air cooling (40 - 70°F). Make serious gains beyond a throttle plate alone.

Mounting a nozzle just after the intercooler provides maximum distance traveled from the spray point to the combustion chamber. This ensures that the mist is carried by the air for a longer time period. More time allows for more complete evaporation. More evaporation guarantees more cooling.

A throttle body-mounted nozzle works exactly the same way but in reverse. Less distance traveled = less evaporation = more droplets ready to turn to steam INSIDE the combustion chambers. This reduction in combustion temperature boosts the air/fuel charge's octane rating in a huge and very beneficial way. Of course, one may run a single medium-sized nozzle midway between the two ends. This delivers a compromised mix of both cooling and octane vs. maximum amounts of both. Special care must be taken to ensure that liquid droplets do not reach a drive by wire throttle body. (This is a non-issue for drive by cable throttles.)

SO, should you run one or two nozzles? You should run two IF your budget allows. If not, you will still be delighted with the performance of a single nozzle. Size that nozzle responsibly to achieve excellent results.

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