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Proper water/methanol systems flex science vs brand ego. Proven in motorsport for 20+ years, these kits are modular for easy expansion, servicing, and upgrades. Real world function inspires every design feature.

USRT multi-stage water/methanol injection

The USRT Method often involves multistage injection. Air is hottest inside the turbocharger and then drops in the piping just after. Next, it passes through the intercooler where a big IAT reduction occurs. Spraying the ideal fluid mixture at specified pump pressure with the right volume in the proper position at the correct time matters critically.

USRT water/methanol injection for drag racing USRT water/methanol injection at road race track


"Latent heat" is measured in "kiloJoules/kilogram" (kJ/kg) units. To convert a single kg of water at 100 ºC to a kg of steam at 100º C, the water must absorb 2260 kJ of heat. This takes time = speed x distance. It's critical that spray evaporates quickly and within the correct zones (designated by color in the top image) to produce excellent results. Only 1099 kJ/kg is needed to completely evaporate methanol. Thus, a given mass of it absorbs less heat (cools less) than the same amount of water. However, it cool much FASTER. -critically helpful when intake pipe sections are sort and/or bendy. -in cold weather, too. Pure alcohol may be advantageous at the drag strip. Blends are most effective in real world conditions.

USRT customizes for specific applications. Contact us for guidance.

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