Intake Manifolds

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Increasing horsepower while maintaining a punchy bottom end is a priority for rally cars and is especially helpful on the street. Dyno testing has proven that even mild normally aspirated engines gain as much as 12% after this simple bolt on with next to zero reductions in low-rpm torque. Engines running boost, head work, wild cams, etc. will benefit even more. The aggressive growl sounds simliar to anyone who has heard ITBs in action.

Construction features

  • Head flange: 3/8" 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Injector bosses: 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Runners/ velocity stacks: 6061-T6 aluminum w/36mm port side, 55mm flare inlet side
  • Oversized plenum: 4" diameter made from 6063-T6 schedule 10 aluminum
  • Throttle body flange: driver's or passenger's side, oversized VR6 and Mustang flanges available upon request
  • Ports/ fittings: supports all stock equipment (e.g. vacuum, brake booster, intake air temp)


ABA Manifold dyno chart: stock versus vs. SRI

ABA Manifold dyno chart: high rpm detail

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