Non-Adjustable Regulators

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Fuel pressure adjustments allow a tuner to change the amount of fuel delivered per unit time from the injector. Any changes affect the fuel curve globally, so re-mapping the ECU's software is critical whenever pressure is turned up or down. Please consult with one of our staff with any questions. It is critical that your combination of injector and fuel pressure is optimal for the amount of power that you care to produce.

For those who wish to calculate mass flow themselves, we offer the following formula:

F2 = (√P2/√P1) x F1

F2 = New flow rate (lbs/hour or cc/min)
F1 = Old flow rate (lbs/hr or cc/min)

P2 = New Pressure
P1 = Old Pressure

Example: We have an injector rated to flow 315cc/min at 43.5 psi (3bar). That combination does not flow enough fuel to reach our desired output. So, we wish to determine how much will it flow at 58psi (4bar):

F2 = (√58 / √43.5) x 315
F2 = (7.616 / 6.596) x 315
F2 = 364cc/min

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