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Audi Quattro Group B Mk1 Golf hillclimb
Audi Quattro Group B BMW M3 hillclimb
Audi Quattro Group B Rally snuff at its finest
Subaru WRX at Sandhills Sandblast Off road, into fence, barrel roll...
Canadian Rally Series Preview 2001 Ford RS200 into ditch and nasty roll
Toyota Celica gets it all wrong SCCA ProRally Preview 2001
Toyota Corolla WRC performs a wicked drift Mk2 Golf hillclimb
Polish tarmac rally Mk1 Golf hillclimb
VW Polo hillclimb action Impreza rolls
Mk1 VW Golf hillclimb Seat WRC hammers hard on tarmac
Ford Puma gets nice air over crest Ride along with Hyundai WRC
Gigi Galli: USRT's favorite Italian In/out car Hyundai WRC
Mk1 Golf hillclimber off course Mk4 Golf clips bank, rolls gently
Mercedes-Benz 190E hillclimb Mk4 Golf rolls hard
BMW 2002 hillclimb Mk2 Golf WRC
Honda Civic modified properly Mk4 Golf driven with style
Mercedes-Benz 190E hillclimb Mk2 Golf rally
Mk1 Golf hillclimb Mk2 Golf rally
VW Mk2 Golf clips ditch Mk1 Golf hillclimb
Polish Rally Series Preview 2001 WRC Preview 2001 (MUST DOWNLOAD)
MGB nails a pendulum turn WRC Preview 2002
Famous "Mineshaft" jump (Australia) USRT Mk3 Golf on tarmac/dirt
Mk1 Golf hillclimb Smack it up, flip it, rub it down... Oh Nooo! (NASTY)
Mk2 Golf hairpin Think you've got driving skills? Not like this, you don't!
Local favorite in Toyota Starlet. Barbados crowd goes nuts. E30 M3 keeps it sideways through Norwegian forest. Very smooth.
Tight and gnarly Lotus Elise road race from the U.K. If only F1 was this competitive. Corner worker prays to the tree god and escapes with his life.
Commentator, Dave Despain blows a gasket about too much NASCAR on Speed Network. Dave rules! Another tree banger. This time in a WRX.
So, what would you do with a 10k redline? (Notice the engine position.) Onboard with Tapio Laukenen in his Mk4 Golf 16v.
It simply can't get any closer than this!    
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