Lightweight Racing Batteries

Braille batteries are intended for racing but are equally suited to daily use. There is no easier way to drop 25lbs+ off the front end of a vehicle. These parts are far stronger, lighter, and smaller than any other battery developed for automobile use.

Remove that weight and the improvements in turn-in, handling, and braking will become immediately obvious. Keep it up front in the stock location for an uncomplicated installation. The mounting position is entirely up to the car builder's imagination.

These drycell units have true deepcycle charge capability, meaning that they can be heavily discharged and recharged repeatedly without weakening over time. This is a significant advantage over other lightweight batteries (especially on the street). Consistency and reliability are thusly assured.

Rival batteries come nowhere close to the cranking power of the Braille. In terms of amp/hours (the size of the electrical "gas tank"), batteries with equivalent capacity weigh 20% - 30% more. Thus, there is no better blend of high power, large capacity, and light weight.

Faster turn in, less understeer, quicker E.T.'s, shorter braking distance, better balance at the traction limit... Less weight = competitive advantage!

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