Wideband O2 Solutions

Affordably priced yet powerful enough for the professional, Innovate Motorsports fits a very unique niche in the market today. No other product line is as complete, refined, or easy to integrate into a vehicle. Full tech support and even training videos are available online. An Innovate purchase is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Serious performance engine builders and tuners all rely on wideband oxygen sensors to monitor air/fuel ratios. Being able to see the actual air/fuel ratio at any given instant in time allows the fuel mixture to be fine-tuned and adjusted on the fly - something which previously could only be done on a dynamometer using expensive equipment.

As engine management and on-board diagnostic systems continue to evolve, so too do the oxygen sensors that monitor the air/fuel mixture. The latest generation of "wideband" oxygen sensors provide a precise indication of the exact air/fuel ratio, and over a much broader range of mixtures - all the way from pig rich to straight air! In contrast, narrowband sensors are useless for tuning and diagnostic work.

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